The Salvation Army Helps Those in Africa, one step at a time

Major Froderberg from The Salvation Army’s Headqurters in San Francisco recounts her recent trip to Africa as part of her World Services Mission work.

Pennies, dimes, quarters…
odd coins thrown into a jar…
tucked away in a drawer.
Small change we might surmise…
but not to the 505,326 children who attend 2,098 Salvation Army schools in developing countries around the world.
In the Kibera slum, one of Africa’s largest slums, little Miguel attends The Salvation Army’s elementary school. Today he is happy as he walks my daughter and I to his home, because we will visit his mother, and bring a special gift of food.

As we talk with Miguel, he tells us that he dreams of being an airline pilot, and we tell him how pleased we would be to fly with him. His mother, Eunice, who is HIV positive, dreams of living long enough to see him graduate from school. Most Kenyans live on one dollar per day, and Eunice supports her family and pays for Miguel’s required school uniform and supplies by selling fish near their one-room, tin shanty. She knows that the hope for her child’s future lies in education.

For the price of that daily cup of coffee… we can make the dreams of so many children, like Miguel, become a reality through education. Your gift to The Salvation Army World Services will provide a wide variety of expressions of compassion, touching lives in developing countries around the world.

Small coins yes…
Not Small Change!

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  1. If you know are planning to make a donation to assist those in need, please consider the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

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