Salvation Army Seeks to Help Homeless Families of Fire

Bellaire, OH — As you can imagine with a fire like this, many families are left without the essentials.

And that’s when the Salvation Army kicks into high gear.

As soon as they learned the fire had started, the Salvation Army’s mobile canteen truck was on site to aid, not only the families, but the firefighters, as well.

Now, they need your help in getting needed supplies to those left homeless. The Salvation Army is asking for everything from clothing to money to aid these families.

Bellaire Salvation Army Captain Louis Patrick said, “we have a forty two bed shelter, here and we only have twenty seven people staying here so I have room for them to stay right here which will help alleviate some of the costs if they have to stay in a hotel or somewhere else. In addition, we’ll help them with clothing.”

If you would like to donate items, you can drop them off at the Salvation Army headquarters in Bellaire at 315 37th Street.

By Jim Forbes
The State Journal Newspaper
Belmont County, Ohio

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