“Something to See”

Salvation Army assistant store manager Carl Roberts, with one of the authenticated Dalís, says this isnt the first Dalí item from the anonymous donor. The others were sold on eBay, but this time, “we wanted to give our community here something ... to see.”

A Salvation Army thrift store in Houston, Texas, is displaying a strange ware – by thrift store standards.  According to the Houston Chronicle, the store is showcasing a small collection of artwork all attributed to renowned artist Salvador Dali – complete with certificates of authenticity.

The collection, the article continues, was the second of its kind “donated by an anonymous woman who deeply believes in the Salvation Army’s mission, said assistant store manager Carl Roberts.”

The first donation was sold on eBay, Roberts told the reporter.  “But this time,” Roberts said, “we wanted to give our community here something different, something to see.”

Credit: Michael Paulsen, Chronicle  Salvation Army assistant store manager Carl Roberts, with one of the authenticated Dalís

Isn’t that what the work of The Salvation Army is about?  Offering hope, changing the seemingly smallest of circumstances, so that someone can see…see their way clear of a difficult time…see the silver lining in the midst of a storm…see the hope in their despair.

The display of valuable Dali items will soon be rehomed.  The thrift store is accepting written bids for the collection now.  But in the meantime, they are available for viewing, showing something different to folks coming into a second-hand store and perhaps expecting the same ol’, same ol’.

…And that’s what’s refreshing about this story, and about the mission of the Army, even when people come looking for the same ol’ stuff, expecting nothing special, the Army offers them something different, something to see in themselves, in their communities, and in their future.

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