Teach a Man to Fish

Cecil Morris Jr. knows what its like to be on both sides of a soup kitchen line. Once homeless, he now is chef at the local Salvation Army winning awards for his barbeque.

Chef Cecil Morris Jr. serving. (Photo courtesy of The Salvation Army)

USA Today‘s story, “Homeless People Learn to Feed Others as Chefs,” talks about Cecil Morris, Jr., a once homeless, drug- and alcohol-addict who spent a year in The Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation center and now works as the culinary arts director at The Salvation Army in his community.

Now a chef himself, Morris teaches the skills he learned from the chef in his rehab program to the unemployed he interacts with everyday.

There’s an old saying:  “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” (author unknown).  Indeed Chef Morris, and the estimated 500 other trained chefs working full-time to feed the needy, are both giving men fish and teaching them to fish.

Many of the services The Salvation Army offers are created to fulfill the immediate, urgent needs of people, but to also give them the knowledge, training and connections to secure a better future for themselves.  From Sunday Corps services to disaster response and back-to-school supply drives, we believe in teaching a man to fish.

Chef Morris believes that he’s found his calling.   “I believe I was placed here for a reason,” he said.  “I’m a light to guys who knew me from the street. They see me now, and they see how far I’ve come.”

What skills do you have?  Could they help someone else make it to the next level in their lives? Use your talents to help others, show them how to help themselves, and you’ll be Doing The Most Good.

Check out photos of some more of The Salvation Army’s Top Chefs.

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