Ensuring Good for the Future

The Southern California Division of The Salvation Army reports that it is continuing its disaster response to the Station and Auburn wildfires as firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the deadly blaze.

“The Station Fire is the largest wildfire in the history of Los Angeles County having consumed more than 140,000 acres (218 square miles),” they report.  “To date it has also destroyed 92 houses and other structures worth $14 million and has cost more than $20 million to fight. But favorable weather conditions have helped fire fighters increase containment of the blaze from 5 percent on Monday to more than 22 percent by late Tuesday.”

Since the Army began its efforts last Saturday, more than 1500 meals have been served.  Volunteers and Army staff and Officers continue to provide physical and spiritual nourishment to the growing number of displaced.

Looking ahead though, the Army knows that it will need continued donations in order to fulfill its commitment of long-term support for the many evacuees.

Monetary donations remain the most pressing need, but donations of food, personal items and time are also needed.  The SoCal division is also soliciting new volunteers so that its efforts can be even stronger for future emergency needs.

Truly, the work and mission of the Army means that people from all walks of life can support the Army in whichever way suits them best: apply to be an on-site volunteer; if you’re in the area, drop off goods at one of the emergency shelters; or donate money online directly to the cause.

How will you choose to help the Army ensure a ‘good’ future for these and other disaster survivors?

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