“United” to do Good

The Salvation Army of Jamestown (New York) received a $97,900 grant from the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County for 2009-10.

The Post-Journal reported that the Army will use the money to fund four support services programs: the Comprehensive Financial Assistance Program, the Children and Family Outreach Program, the Non-Residential Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services, and the Residential Domestic Violence Shelter.  Learn more about each program here.

Individuals may contact The Salvation Army at 716-664-4108 for even more information.

The United Way’s grant to the Jamestown Salvation Army is but one example of social service organizations uniting and supporting one another to do good.  Often, especially during disaster response efforts, the Army works side-by-side with The United Way, The American Red Cross and others to achieve one common goal: serving and supporting victims and survivors of tragedy.

The Salvation Army is fortunate enough to have new partners join in their work to serve others daily.  Citizens across the country – and even the world – are always donating of their time and talents to the Army.

When they heard that their local Salvation Army was in need, members of the Sabine Federal Credit Union in Texas sprang into action.

According to The Record Newspaper, in just over a week’s time, the employees had collected over 380 food items. They also contributed and received monetary donations from board of directors totaling $175.  On top of these contributions, a corporate donation of $1,000 was made. Way to go!

So, if you’re concerned that, alone, what you do isn’t making a great enough impact, take a cue from The United Way and the Sabine FCU: don’t recreate the wheel.  Recognize the good others do and join them.  This is Doing The Most Good.

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