Doing Something in Honor of Others

Mrs. Deena Burnett Bailey, widow of Flight 93 victim Tom Burnett, wasn’t alone when she challenged the audience at the “God Bless America” luncheon to “do something.”

WDEF 12 News in Chattanooga, Tennessee, reported that the government also hopes people will remember the victims of 9/11 through service on a National Day of Service.

The United Way in Chattanooga sent volunteers out in honor of the day to serve throughout the area for their “Day of Caring”.

Local Ace Hardware owner, John Rutter, and his employees volunteered to build a garden for their local Salvation Army.  The Ace Hardware team installed three planters to house fruits, herbs and various vegetables.

The Salvation Army’s Major Jim Lawrence was hopeful that the produce from the garden could be used in the kitchen for its community feeding program.  They’ll also be used in the new culinary school the Army is establishing that just recently was granted approval.

The garden build at The Salvation Army was but one site where volunteers were able to serve in honor of the 9/11 victims.  In all, 51 projects were tackled in the Chattanooga area by 480 volunteers and nearly 2000 hours of service.

The work of a few people, over just a few hours, produced products and tools that will benefit the community for years to come.  What will you do to impact the future, in honor of the past?

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