The Most Amazing Race

I’m a huge fan of the television show “The Amazing Race.”  I enjoy watching the wacky team challenges and the team dynamics each week.  It’s a fascinating show simply because you get to see human communication and teamwork at its best – and sometimes its worst.

While I doubt I’d ever be brave enough to tryout for that show…or find a partner crazy enough to pair up for me for the weeks-long, globetrotting expedition, the Western Pennsylvania Salvation Army’s “The Most Amazing Race” looks like it’s going to be just as much fun.

Beginning with a qualifying event today, and the real, scavenger hunt-like challenge tomorrow, 25 teams will race around the city of Pittsburgh, completing zany physical and mental tasks along the way, for a chance to win a prize package that includes $5,000 for first place, two 32-inch flat screen televisions, four Steelers tickets and more.

All they had to do to earn a spot in the race was fundraise a minimum of $500 in the name of The Army.  The team that fundraised the most money will also win a cash prize at the race’s conclusion.

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area who’d like to cheer on the Army’s Most Amazing Racers, an itinerary of tomorrow’s events can be found here.

If you aren’t in the immediate Pittsburgh vicinity, but would still like to participate, consider making an online donation to the Army instead.

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