Recognizing Others Who Do “Good”

Today, the Daily Commercial reported that The Salvation Army in Leesburg, Florida, honored all current, retired and fallen members of the fire, police and EMS departments in the area.

According to the article, the third annual Public Safety Sunday began as a way to “remember the tragic losses of 9/11.”  Now, every emergency responder who attends – many come on fire trucks and in police cruisers and ambulances, vehicles of the trade – receive prayers and words of thanks from those gathered.

“We just felt that we needed to get together as a family because public safety is really a big family,” Salvation Army Chaplain Steve Griswold said.

Even though the anniversary of the September 11th attacks has passed, kudos to the Leesburg, Florida, Salvation Army, and all those who have taken time to honor the legacy and enduring work of the nation’s first responders.

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