Answering the Call

Mike Rodgers, captain of Salvation Army’s Hickory Corps in Mount Airy, North Carolina, had watched the devastation with everyone else.

Unseasonal rains poured on Georgia and Tennessee causing millions of dollars worth of damage, disrupting routines and claiming lives.

The Salvation Army was quick to respond: on the ground within hours of the first floods and still supplying basic needs to those affected.

Then there was the outpouring of support, donations and resources from across the country.

Mike knew he must answer the call.

The Mount Airy News wrote an article about his commitment to serving others and how it landed him hundreds of miles away from home serving directly the people and families displaced and disturbed by the Georgia floods.

Rodgers’ trip was his 11th disaster response tour with the Army and it landed him in Austell, Georgia manning a mobile feeding kitchen.

Often times, the donation of time and man-hours is as critical in responding to an emergency as financial donations.

Even if you aren’t in a place where you can donate money to support the disaster services work of the Army, you can always train and be ready to give of your time and strength to help the Army comfort others in need.

To find out more about The Salvation Army’s disaster response training, contact your local Salvation Army.

Each year, the Army responds to hundreds of emergencies across the globe.  Will you answer the call?

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