Kansans Comes to Aid of Haitians

During the past two days,  5,000 Kansans gathered at the El Dorado Civic Center to package more than 650,000 meals from Numana to be delivered to Haiti as part of The Salvation Army’s relief efforts.

To learn more click on these news reports below.

2 Comments on “Kansans Comes to Aid of Haitians

  1. Hello,

    I like your blog very much.

    I have worked for a nonprofit in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, so I understand and greatly appreciate what you are doing to help in the Haiti disaster. I’m now working for a different nonprofit that could help you in your efforts.

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    Herb Allison

  2. Do you have to give any part of our donations to the Haitian Government? I would like to get a brief outline of how you manage donations when they are for situations happening outside of the US.

    Thank you.

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