Salvation Army Ranks Among Top 10 Non-Profits

The Salvation Army ranks among the top 10 most trusted non-profit organizations in America, according to results of Harris Interactive’s EquiTrend annual brand equity poll.

The study measures more than 1,000 brands across 42 different categories, including 59 non-profit brands.

The Salvation Army emerged in the top 10 rankings in categories of:

  • Most Trusted (10)
  • Brand Equity (6)
  • To Which People are Most Likely to Give (5)

You can read the full article in The NonProfit Times.

According to Harris Interactive, this year’s EquiTrend® study was conducted online among 19,708 U.S. consumers ages 15 and over between January 12 and 21, 2010. The total number of brands rated was 1,151, and each respondent was asked to rate a total of 60 randomly selected brands.

For more information about the life changing work of The Salvation Army,visit our national website at or follow us on  Facebook and Twitter.

3 Comments on “Salvation Army Ranks Among Top 10 Non-Profits

  1. I’ve worked tons of disaster recoveries and, just like anyone else who has worked with various agencies, we have witnessed without fail that Salvation Army is always there, always true to their mission, always providing exactly what the victims need,physically,emotionally, and spiritually, without any bias.
    Their track record is great.

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