Spring is Here!

It is officially spring, and what better way to celebrate than to roll up your sleeves for a vigorous round of spring cleaning?

Ok, so there are probably better ways to enjoy the season, but whether you are a clean freak or deathly allergic to brooms, The Salvation Army can help you in your clutter-clearing efforts by taking unwanted or unused items off your hands!

And as additional encouragement, it may help to know that your generous donations to The Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores support our Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) which are completely funded through the sales of your generously donated items.

If you’d like even further encouragement, we’ve tried to make donating as convenient as possible by offering multiple methods:

  • Call 1-800-SA-TRUCK – Schedule a pickup at your home by phone
  • Visit www.satruck.org – Schedule a pickup at your home by going online (Scheduling over the internet is not available in some areas.)

So gather up all those things that you’ve been “meaning to get rid of” and send them over to your local Salvation Army store, where an item worth a few dollars and cents becomes invaluable in restoring the life of someone in need! Just ask James and many others like him:

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