Prisoners Package Nearly 1,000,000 Meals for Haiti

These packaged meals containing rice, soy protein, vitamins, and seasonings will be transported to feed those struggling in Haiti.

Prisoners at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas packaged 93,146 meals  to help with The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Haiti!   It was a huge success. More than 300 prisoners signed up wanting to help, but the limited time and space allowed for only 150 to be involved.

We’re told that one  prisoner said, “This is the only nice thing I’ve ever done for  anyone.  Ever.”

Another one thanked The Salvation Army profusely saying, “I’ve been in jail twenty years and have never once felt good about anyting until today.”

It sounds like this event will not only bless those suffering in Haiti but has also greatly blessed these men involved!

One Comment on “Prisoners Package Nearly 1,000,000 Meals for Haiti

  1. It is nice to see such a wonderful project for those that are behind prison walls. It is amazing that given a worthy cause and a project for them, made them feel good because they were giving back to society. Hello instead of locking up and throwing away the key a new system needs to emerge! Positive reinforcement, rehabilitation.

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