Doing the Most Good is Good for You

A new poll released by United Healthcare and Volunteer Match shows that an overwhelming majority of respondents believe volunteer work improves physical and emotional health. That’s good news for the 63.4 million Americans who volunteered last year!

And did you know that volunteering could also have a positive effect on your attitude and stress level?

Read the full article here: Reuters: Volunteering promotes physical, mental health: poll

Sometimes we may forget that volunteering isn’t just good for the person or cause we’re there to serve, but it also benefits us as volunteers in a multitude of ways, from the impact of the experience, to knowledge and relationships gained, to even the physical and emotional benefits as discussed in the Reuters article.

So, do you think volunteering has an impact on your physical and emotional health? Why or why not?

Volunteers at The Salvation Army's and Numana's Million Meals packing events are never short on enthusiasm and positive attitudes.

2 Comments on “Doing the Most Good is Good for You

  1. In my opinion, it does help physical and emotional health because when you know that the time spent volunteering will help others in need this reinforces positivity which in turn creates a better mental state, less anxiety and stress. I volunteer at least once a month for various organizations that help the poor in my city and I always come away with a sense of accomplishment in that I know that my time helped someone in need today.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Fragonzal. I think a lot of people share your sentiment. And thanks for volunteering!

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