Refusing to Retire Quietly – Tony’s Decade of Volunteering with The Salvation Army

Tony Ebersole has volunteered with The Salvation Army for than 10 years. Photo: The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area

In the spirit of  National Volunteer Week, today we’re highlighting Salvation Army volunteer Tony Ebersole. He went to check out opportunities at his local Salvation Army in Syracuse, New York and liked it so much that he stayed 10 years!

After retiring, Tony decided he wasn’t ready to just sit at home. He had a strong to desire to stay active through volunteering, so one of Tony’s fellow Rotary Club members, who was a Salvation Army Advisory Board member, suggested he take a tour of our organization.

Shortly after, Tony began volunteering with the Syracuse Emergency Food Pantry in November of 1999. He not only worked diligently at his regular duties,  he even identified and implemented ways to make services more efficient and effective.  The Syracuse Salvation Army says that since then, “Tony has played an integral role in the Emergency Practical Assistance Department, really serving in a management capacity. Tony oversees and manages the food pantry including ordering,
budgeting and volunteer training.”

Photo: The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area

In 2005 The Salvation Army presented Tony with the ‘Can Do’ award for his outstanding leadership and generously donated time.  They even surprised him in November with a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first day he joined as a volunteer!

Tony’s spent more than a decade celebrating National Volunteer Week! We think it’s amazing how he has made serving his community a regular part of his life and are thankful for the many years of support he has lent The Salvation Army and those we serve.

For more information about The Salvation Army in Syracuse, NY, visit their website at

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