Happy Earth Day!

As we recognize Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, we want to share with you a few ways The Salvation Army strives to be responsible stewards of our environment and resources, as well as some fun events we’re holding to celebrate Earth Day:


  • EnviRenew is a Salvation Army initiative that advocates comprehensive green building standards for New Orleans households and neighborhoods. Prompted by ongoing recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina, the program is helping to build affordable, energy efficient homes, and $10 million in grants were recently awarded to 5 New Orleans neighborhoods. Visit www.envirenew.org to learn more!
  • The Salvation Army in Michigan has partnered with state energy provider Inergy Propane and its 30 vendors to encourage their customers to donate their used propane tanks. Inergy Propane will recycle the tanks and donate all proceeds to The Salvation Army’s utility program that helps those in need pay their bills. Click here to visit The Salvation Army websites for Eastern, Western, and Upper Michigan.
  • Did you know the average American produces about 4.5 lbs of waste every day, adding up to about 250 tons each year for our total population? With your help, The Salvation Army reduces this amount by reusing your donated goods to sell at our Family Thrift Stores.  Your belongings are spared from landfills and fewer new products need to be manufactured! Visit our website at www.satruck.org to find out more about donating.


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