Thank You, Volunteers!

If we haven’t said it enough, we want to say it again: THANK YOU to all volunteers who have so generously given of your time and effort for the betterment of others! We here at The Salvation Army love having you involved.

As we continue to recognize National Volunteer Week, below are a few of the MANY volunteers who have helped us in ‘Doing the Most Good.’

The Stoker Family (Photo: Salvation Army Indiana)

Photo: Salvation Army Indiana

The Stoker’s of Fort Wayne received The Salvation Army Indiana Division’s ‘Family Volunteer of the Year Award.’ Despite experiencing difficult personal loss, the trio of grandmother, mother, and daughter believe the best thing they can do is give back as a family. Read more about them and other volunteers at The Salvation Army Indiana’s website.

Photo: Salvation Army Tulsa

Mark and 3 of his coworkers decided one day to give up one lunch hour per month to serve meals at The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope in Tulsa, Oklahoma . Their idea spread among the office, and now 7 years later, their company has 10 teams and alternates who participate in this initiative. Read more at The Salvation Army Tulsa’s blog.

Photo: Salvation Army Nashville

Just because the economy was down, Kristen Gillespie didn’t let losing her job keep her down. She immediately searched for a way to become involved in her community and found The Salvation Army of Nashville serving breakfast along the road one day as she was passing by. Not being shy, Kristen asked about helping with our organization, and she’s been serving in a multitude of ways since August 2009. Read more at The Salvation Army of Nashville’s blog.

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