Honor Society Reflects on Salvation Army Partnership

The hit pop rock band Honor Society has been going non-stop on their national tour, bouncing from city to city while also making it a priority to be personally involved in Salvation Army programs along the way.

Before their concert in Norfolk, VA on Sunday, Michael, Andrew, Jason, and Alex were interviewed by the local Salvation Army and had the opportunity to share how our partnership started and reflect on what they’ve done so far. The below video is part 1 (check back soon for when we upload part 2!):

And Honor Society just sent us a video of the food drive they held in Pittsburgh to benefit The Salvation Army, yet another way the band is helping us serve those in need. These guys are great! And thanks to all the fans who provided items, even packing their cars with boxes full of cans!

4 Comments on “Honor Society Reflects on Salvation Army Partnership

  1. I love these guys, they are so sweet, and take there time to do good. I cant wait till saturday to see them in concert! :)

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