Memory of Salvation Army Doughnut Girls Honored in Museum Exhibit

The Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Exhibit at the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis (Photo: The Salvation Army Indiana)

Theirs is a story that is noble and inspiring, and thanks to the new Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Exhibit, hopefully the tale of the Doughnut Girls will be heard more often. The Indiana War Memorial’s new feature was dedicated last week to highlight the outstanding behind-the-scenes contributions during World War I of these female Salvation Army officers who are a riveting part of American history.

Supporters and even relatives of the famed Doughnut Girls turned out at the event enthusiastically dressed in uniform, greeting visitors with coffee and doughnuts.  People  enjoyed the opportunity to view displays with original Doughnut Girl utensils, uniforms, and promotional materials. Veterans were also honored with roses and special thanks for their service to our nation. For more information on the event, visit The Salvation Army Indiana’s website ( for an original article and find photos on their Flickr page.

Not Familiar with the Story of Salvation Army Doughnut Girls?

As young American soldiers faced physical and emotional peril amidst the fighting during World War I, female Salvation Army officers had the idea to comfort them with good home cooking, using their limited ingredients to create delicious fried donuts for the boys.

These women, earning the nickname “Doughnut Girls” and “Doughnut Lassies,” served countless treats to grateful soldiers, traversing through the trenches to bring the men donuts and coffee. More than just filling an empty stomach, these donuts and the joyful presence of the women who worked so hard to make them provided the soldiers with the boost their spirits needed during an extraordinarily difficult time.

Women dressed in Doughnut Girl uniforms at the exhibit’s dedication. (Photo: The Salvation Army Indiana)

We hope if you’re in the Indiana area that you’ll be able to stop by The Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Exhibit. Also, don’t forget to think about us and grab a doughnut on National Doughnut Day, coming up  the first Friday of June. Check back at our national website and social media sites for more fun, historical doughnut facts and information about events that will be taking place across the country.