The Salvation Army Responds to Deadly Floods in Western Arkansas

A map of the Albert Pike Campground in Arkansas, where The Salvation Army is responding to tragedy caused by flash floods. Image: The New York Times

The Salvation Army is responding to the scene of deadly flash floods that struck Western Arkansas Thursday and Friday.  Many campers at Albert Pike Recreational Campgrounds were caught off-guard by the sudden surge  of the waters, which has caused a reported 20 fatalities.  Rescue operations continue.

The Salvation Army was called to the scene to provide food, water and emotional and spiritual support to first responders and survivors. Our incident command center has been established in Langley, Arkansas, and Salvation Army response teams have been assembled with crews from the Little Rock, Fort Smith, and Hot Springs areas, with more on standby.

To help support our relief efforts and assist individuals and families affected by the floods, you can donate by visiting or calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY. Please designate your contributions to “Arkansas flood.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for these individuals and families who have suffered so greatly during what was meant to be a weekend of recreation.

Information provided by Kathy Barbeire.

2 Comments on “The Salvation Army Responds to Deadly Floods in Western Arkansas

  1. I would like to go on a “Coast-to-coast” thrift store trip and am just wondoering why the home page doesn’t have just a list of all store in the US that’s easy for the elderly to find–we have lots of money to donate through purchases, but you give up before you start because the most simple of things are cast aside in favor of blogs (whatever this is–even Google will not define clearly), facebooks, twitters, etc.).

    Well, let’s see if the other second-hand stores are any smarter. Hope this reaches a real person, but this is like going outside and screaming hoping that someone will stop what they’re doing to help. I’m just too old to make the effort and don’t know why I even bother with this waste of typing energy.
    Hope for the best

  2. Hi Allen, You can visit The Salvation Army’s website and plug in a zip code to find thrift stores in a particular area. I hope this helps with your trip planning!

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