Diner’s Creative Charity Fundraiser Breaks World Record

Mom always said don’t play with your food, but this takes “playing” to a whole new level…

Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in New York recently succeeded in making the world’s largest omelet in an effort to not only break previous records but to also raise funds for designated charities including The Salvation Army. The omelet was a whopping 2,500 square feet and designed to look like a pool table! So how does one make a gigantic, pool table-shaped omelet?

Now, how do we fashion this into a pool table?

The recipe includes:

– 45,000 eggs
– 150 lbs butter
– 100 gallons milk
– 200 lbs cheese
– Plus: 300 volunteers, 110 tables, 14 grills, and a tractor trailer to deliver the ingredients!

Hungry onlookers were able to take a shot on the edible pool table for only $1, as well as enter into a raffle for fun prizes. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised, half of which will be donated to The Salvation Army.

This may be the most unique fundraiser The Salvation Army has been involved with that I’ve heard of yet!

We love it when people find creative ways to give back to their community, and “creative” is  an understatement in this case.  But did you know that this isn’t the first time Otto’s has set an omelet world record? Read more online about the history behind this unique charity fundraiser at The World’s Largest Omelet website and a story featured in New York’s Evening Telegram.