Innovative New Equipment Helps Salvation Army Stretch Services for Area’s Hungry

The Salvation Army Lubbock's new Rapid Response Unit fits in the back of a truck to easily take meals and drinks directly to communities.

The Salvation Army in Lubbock, TX has a brand new piece of equipment called the Rapid Response Unit that will help feed more people and boost efficiency. It’s not only the first of its kind, it’s also the only of its kind – no other Salvation Army in the nation has one yet!

According to their Facebook page, The Salvation Army Lubbock says the Rapid Response Unit is small enough to fit in a truck bed or trailer and will expand their reach  up to 150 miles beyond the service area of Salvation Army canteens, larger mobile kitchens also used to serve food and drinks during emergencies.

A rear view reveals the many compartments and capabilities of this versatile unit.

The Rapid Response Unit was designed for on-the-street feedings and can hold up to 12 food trays, ice chests, drink containers, has plenty of room for storage and can be operated by one person. Salvation Army personnel are excited about serving the community with this versatile new equipment!

Check out a story on the Rapid Response Unit run by local news station FOX 34 here: Local Salvation Army reveals new, innovative equipment

Find more information about this and services offered by The Salvation Army Lubbock on their Facebook page or visit their website at

***Photos courtesy of  The Salvation Army Lubbock’s Facebook page.

2 Comments on “Innovative New Equipment Helps Salvation Army Stretch Services for Area’s Hungry

  1. My how things are changing. We are getting a Kroc Center here in Augusta, GA. This new Serving Vehicile ia great. I remember in 1964 or 1965 we had a tornado come through WQichita Falls, TX. We had a station wagon that was the Corps veh and also served as Brig family veh. When I got to the Corps from work the Ladies were making sandwiches and coffee. we load them into the station wagon and went into the middle of things. It was awful folks had lost everything. They were very grateful for the food and drink. We do not use station wagons now, we use vans, buses, canteens and now this now veh. Wonderful.

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