Stories from The Gulf: The Pillaults’ Testimony

As we remember the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, today’s video features Wanda and Emmett Pillault who share their personal account of finding help through The Salvation Army when their home was severely damaged after the storm.

Since The Salvation Army began disastery recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina, we have assisted more than 2.6 million affected people.

The Salvation Army used a multi-pronged plan for community recovery.

More than 106,100 families were able to get free donated items like furniture and large appliances at several major distribution centers along the Gulf Coast.

Caseworkers were on hand at Disaster Assistance Centers registering those in need of Salvation Army services.  They opened 265,100 cases representing over 828,000 individuals.

In addition, more than 2,200 homeownership partner grants were distributed among Louisiana and Mississippi, and we provided resources to help 5,000 people who became unemployed as a result of the hurricanes to receive job training and re-employment services.

Read more in our report “Hurricane Katrina: 5 Years On” about how The Salvation Army has provided relief to the Gulf Coast and helps it to continue to move forward.

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