Stories from the Gulf: Kathlene’s Testimony

Almost two years following Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi resident Kathlene Meier says she was still trying to rebuild her home pay check by pay check with only the help of her family, a process she expected would take many more years.

Imagine her relief when a knock on her door one day from a surprise visitor from The Salvation Army led to them receivingĀ  all the supplies they needed to complete their house. Kathlene shares the details of her story in the video above.

Kathlene is one of many people who found help rebuilding her home through TheĀ  Salvation Army. We opened 84,000 cases helping 350,000 people with repair, rebuilding, furnishings and supplies.

And don’t forget, today is The Resiliency Summit in New Orleans sponsored by The Salvation Army and FedEx. Follow the action on Twitter @salarmyalm and @salarmyeds!

Read more in our report “Hurricane Katrina: 5 Years On” about how The Salvation Army has provided relief to the Gulf Coast and helps it to continue to move forward.

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