From Homeless to Successful CEO

If you’re ever discouraged by your circumstances, here’s a story to help encourage you to not give up hope:

Eight years ago Stephanie Tillman and her family were evicted from their house and were left with nothing. They ended up in a Salvation Army homeless shelter in Kansas where they received housing, food and support for the next four months.

Thanks to contacts made at The Salvation Army, the Tillman family was able to move out of the shelter and begin reestablishing their lives. Stephanie found a job in an engineering firm. Things were looking up.

Stephanie eventually branched out and opened her own graphic design company Crossover Graphics (now, which has grown exponentially into a multi-million dollar company since its establishment  in 2007. She serves as CEO and her husband works as the CIO, and they have hired ten employees to help support the burgeoning business. Their circumstances today stand in stark contrast to what they were several years ago.

This Thursday, Stephanie will host a ribbon cutting event to celebrate her company’s new headquarters. As a part of the festivities, she’s donating $25,000 to the local Salvation Army to help fund a new homeless shelter that will be built next year!

A media advisory explains the generous gift: “The Salvation Army provided shelter and love to Stephanie and her family, which helped turn her life around. This experience was instrumental in going from homeless to owner of a business established in 2007 that has experienced 555% growth within the last year.”

What an inspiring, real life example for everyone that just because circumstances can take a turn for the worse, all is not lost! And during those most difficult times, The Salvation Army aims to be that beacon of hope when things seem to be at their worst.

Thank you to Stephanie for her generous donation that will help The Salvation continue to provide families and individuals with the resources and opportunities they need to get back on their feet, just like the Tillman family. Best of luck to your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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6 Comments on “From Homeless to Successful CEO

  1. That’s wonderful! This is why I love SA so much. SA is my favorite charity! <3

  2. What goes around comes around-and it usually snowballs. What a great example of coming full circle. Blessings on all parties involved!

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  4. I went from homelessness to opening a very successful massage office. It took me about 7 years but I finally got it!

  5. I would be inspired if Salvation Army treated employees with any respect. I was not the employee just a concerned citizen who has shopped at Salvation Army for 40 years and will never go back.

  6. I am sincerely glad for Stephanie, but I really hope she does not have a net worth in the millions as a CEO. That would make her part of the PROBLEM which created her homelessness situation in the first place.

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