News by the Numbers

Happy Friday! Since it’s the end of the week, we’re keeping it simple with an easy-to-read list of news by the numbers. These curt quantities represent a mix of light, local Salvation Army-related stories that range from encouraging to fun and unusual…


Amount of doughnuts being fried up by The Salvation Army in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for their community’s Oktoberfest parade on Saturday. When was the last time you attempted a recipe that called for 90 cups of sugar, 108 eggs, and a couple hundred cups of flour? The festival attendees are sure to enjoy this classic Army treat. Full Story


Cost in dollars of a pair of stylish, limited-edition Dickies Detroit 874 pants, plus a pair of Original 874 workpants that will be donated as a result of your purchase to The Salvation Army of Detroit for workers in need. Get yours today just in time for your weekend plans. Full Story


Pounds of food donated to the Salvation Army food pantry of Topeka, Kansas last year by Weight Watchers members, with each pound of food representing pounds lost by dieters. The local Weight Watchers is continuing the donation drive again this year in response to the pantry’s need.
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Hours it took for a 70 year-old cornet player to perform all 781 songs in The Salvation Army hymn book. With one swollen finger, two numb lips, and almost no breath left, he raised about £500 for The Salvation Army and cancer research. Full story


Number of children in need who received free shoes at The Salvation Army of San Antonio’s 29th annual Shoe-In for Kids. Children arrived wearing adult-sized hand-me-downs, shoes with holes in them or wore no shoes at all, but they all left wearing a brand new pair of kicks on their feet. Full story


Price for all the fresh produce you could carry at a Farmers Market giveaway for people in need hosted by The Salvation Army and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. 12,000 pounds of free potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, green beans and even baked goods and more were available to the nearly 700 people who attended. Full story