Indiana Salvation Army Receives Grant Support for Domestic Abuse Victims

During July 2008-July 2009, 1,574 victims of domestic abuse were denied emergency shelter in Indiana due to lack of space, according to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. During that same time period 53 deaths in the state were caused by domestic abuse.

Donna*, an abuse victim and mother of three, feared for her life but found it hard to escape from her husband’s escalating violence because she didn’t know where to go.

The Salvation Army of Indiana is doing everything they can to make sure victims find safe shelter, and they’ve just received a $30,000 grant from The Indianapolis Foundation that will help in their efforts.

The funds will support their Emergency Bed Space program run by The Salvation Army’s Women’s and Children’s Shelter, which coordinates space availability at area shelters and makes sure every spot is filled. The grant will help cover everything from meals, linens, and mattresses to housing costs and more.

Through the Emergency Bed Space program, Donna* was able to find room at a shelter for her and her children where they stayed for several months before saving up enough money for a place of their own (read her testimony here).

Since 2003, hundreds of families and individuals with stories like Donna’s* have found shelter and new beginnings through The Salvation Army Indiana’s Emergency Bed Space program, and The Indianapolis Foundation’s generous grant will help ensure hundreds more continue to do so.

Read the full story about the grant award and The Emergency Bed Space program at The Salvation Army Indiana’s website

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

2 Comments on “Indiana Salvation Army Receives Grant Support for Domestic Abuse Victims

  1. Hi, i have just become an outreach ambasador for this programme and i think they are doing great work. the lady who runs this organisation her name is paula lucas and having met her in india i was very impressed and found her very very genuine. i would like the salvation army to look into this organisation to see if some level of work could be done jointly.

    Since they are doing similar kind of work i feel the reach could be global, although salvation army is a global organisation, there could be areas of cooperation.

    Good work and great work should always be told.

  2. Abraham, thank you for your comments and interest in this issue. You mention being an outreach ambassador and supporting an organization whose work is related to this topic – which organization?

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