Angel Giving Tree is Online! Adopt Your Angel Today

This week is the official launch of The Salvation Army and JCPenney’s annual Angel Giving Tree online Christmas gift drive at!

Now you can play Santa for children and seniors in need by adopting these “angels” and buying presents from their wish lists.

Christmas shopping for family and loved ones is a daunting holiday task for almost everyone, but it’s especially so for those who don’t have the financial means to buy gifts.  Fortunately, Angel Giving Tree online provides them peace of mind when generous supporters like you lend a helping hand.

Just ask Yolanda Wheeler, a blind, single mother from Jackson, MS raising two children and her teenage sister. She’s had a significant burden lifted from her shoulders just knowing her kids will have gifts this year thanks to Angel Giving Tree.

To help other families like Yolanda’s just go to to adopt someone today. You can even choose an angel in your area by searching by zip code or find one according to age and gender. You’ll also be able to find gift drop-off locations or an address to mail your presents for free thanks to UPS.

There are more than 100,000 kids and seniors across the country waiting to be adopted. With your help, you can make sure they have some very-much needed presents waiting for them under the tree when they wake up on Christmas morning.

 Hurry! The deadline for adopting and shopping is December 10.

To read the our official press release, click here.

4 Comments on “Angel Giving Tree is Online! Adopt Your Angel Today

  1. This was a great! JcPennys surely made this a breeze when time to do my giving back during the holidays! May all of you have a blessed holiday season!

    (The promotion for free shipping did not work for my order but if you call the wonderful lady over the phone will take care of it for you instantly!)

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Jessi, thank you for adopting angels through the Angel Giving Tree program, and we’re so glad to hear that JCPenney helped ensure the process went smoothly for you. We look forward to many children and seniors in need having a happy Christmas thanks to generous supporters like you.

  3. The business I work at would like to donate a bed to an angel tree child but I can not get in touch with anyone to come get the bed. Please let me know of who to contact to come get the bed. We also have other things to donate as well. Thanks. please email or call 601-948-3460 /

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