Salvation Army Bell Ringer Sets a World Record

Captain Ken Chapman celebrates after setting the bell ringing record. (Photo: WLBT NBC 3 News)

A Salvation Army captain is the newest name to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records! Captain Ken Chapman from The Salvation Army’s Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division set the record for continuous bell-ringing for 30 hours, 5 minutes, and 50 seconds, breaking the previous record of 28 hours and 50 minutes set in Canada. Congratulations!

But the stunt was more than just about having his name go down in history. Dressed in his Salvation Army uniform with his hand bell and a Red Kettle close by, Captain Chapman’s goal was to recruit more bell-ringing volunteers and raise awareness of the great need in his local community.

In fact, Salvation Army units across the country are looking for volunteer bell ringers. If Captain Chapman can ring a bell for more than a day straight, we’re sure some folks out there can do it for an hour or two!

Please contact your local Salvation Army to learn more about how you can sign up to be a Christmas bell ringer. We can always use more.

In the meantime, Captain Chapman is giving his arms a rest while he waits for his record to be certified by Guinness World Record officials in London.

2 Comments on “Salvation Army Bell Ringer Sets a World Record

  1. I have a friend that lives in St. Croix county in Wisconsin, for the last 4 years she has rung the bell for 31 hours in freezing temps. So I congratulate Captain Chapman but his is NOT a world record.

  2. I personally rang the bell in 2012 for more than one hundred and twenty five hours. It was not consecutive hours. I did that in Seymour Wisconsin. I would like information on the world record now. It is a wonderful cause a wonderful organization. I enjoy volunteering at the Salvation Army year round.

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