Wished You Were Here

There was a lot of energy and excitement at the Rascal Flatts/JCPenney Angel Tree Toy Drive in Manhattan last week!  Too many fans to count turned out with new toys for some lucky angels.

Rascal Flatts (looking ever so stylish) weaved in and out of the crowd to meet as many people as possible and sign copies of their new album. From the photos it looked like a scene from Where’s Waldo?

The evening’s climax came when toy drive partners  JCPenney (represented by VP Rick Jones), Rascal Flatts, and The Salvation Army (represented by Major George Hood) took the stage to share what a positive impact the program would have on children and seniors in need. They thanked the audience for their generous support.

When Major Hood returned from NYC, I asked him about his thoughts on the event and our partners. His response was very encouraging.

“They’re so committed to these kids. It’s really refreshing to work with a retailer who wants to make sure kids are cared for,” he noted.

“This is a corporate partnership where the people involved really are focused on meeting the needs of children – making sure kids have Christmas presents is more important to JCPenney and Rascal Flatts than any recognition they’re going to get.”

Just how important, you ask? Each member of Rascal Flatts has already adopted an angel of their own.

So what are you waiting for? Adopt yours today at jcp.com/angel.

The faces of Rascal Flatts: (L-R) Musicians Joe Don Rooney, Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for JCPenney)

They were easy to spot above, but can you find the guys now in the mass crowd of fans? (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for JCPenney)

Rascal Flatts autographed copies of their latest CD 'Nothing Like This' that was just released Nov 16. $1 from each sale of the album at JCP stores is donated to The Salvation Army. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for JCPenney)

Rascal Flatts joined with JCPenney’s VP / Director Digital Ventures Rick Jones (left) and Major George Hood (right) onstage at the Toy Drive. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for JCPenney)

Thank you Rascal Flatts and JCPenney for your generous donation to The Salvation Army! (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for JCPenney)

2 Comments on “Wished You Were Here

    I have a full time job but barely make enough to pay the bills, I had to take out my first payday loan and still dont have enought to pay rent, get food on the table, pay the bills or even get a Christmas tree. My husband has been un-employeed since April and has been to several interviews yet nothing promised job wise to him yet. I have two beautiful daughters ages two and four. My heart aches at the want and desire to provide my children ‘the good life’, at least a Christmas this year would bless our hearts. I am doing all I can as a Mother, wife, and employer to try to make ends meet, yet with all I do, things just seem to never be quit enough, I am emotionally stressed, I am reaching out to whoever will hear me or advise me as to how make it in the economy, to give my daughters a chance to perhaps join ballet and make some friends, or attend pre-school or daycare. I have tried to get help from welfare, work hardship assistance, yet I have been denied. My rent is $1000 for a two bedroom I make $690 biweekly and my husband gets $200 a wk for un-employment which is about to end. We were recently in a car accident and took care of the insurance to fix the damage and repairs and seeking medical care for the injuries through chiropractic care. I have rent due on the 1st its now the 5th and I took a payday loan out, only recieved $400 for that… I am still $600 short of rent the place we call home, a roof over my kids heads… Christmas is quickly approaching us and I don’t know if we will have a place to live. I need some HELP, I am a good person, I love my girls more than words could define, they deserve a happy life! Can anyone help us? Please?

  2. Hi Angela,
    Thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to make sure you have the opportunity to meet with someone at The Salvation Army to discuss your situation. The best thing to do is visit your local Salvation Army corps. Which city, state do you live in? We can help facilitate you getting in contact with someone in your area. I’ll send you an email to your personal email account with more information.
    - Laura

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