Check Out These Ringers

We’ve been hearing about some unique Red Kettle bell ringers who are using creative approaches to help raise more money for Salvation Army services in their communities.

These volunteer ringers will make you do a double take when you pass by their kettles.

Tinker the Tiny Horse. She doesn’t have hands but she still manages to ring for hours. Watch video

Elvis Presley -The King lives afterall…singing and ringing and shakin’ his hips at Wal-Mart. Watch Video

Union Soldiers Vs. Confederate Soldiers – They’re at it again, but this time they’re fighting for bragging rights of best Red Kettle fundraiser at Southridge Mall. Read more

Dallas Cowboys Football Players vs. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – This team is  even competitive off the field…but do they stand a chance against the ladies? Read more

One Comment on “Check Out These Ringers

  1. Fair play to the people dressing up! Takes some serious confidence to be able to do that in public! All for a good cause, well done.

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