Dream Drive will Make Dreams Come True for 100 Needy Families

We’re really looking forward to Thursday, Dec. 16. Know why?

It’s our Fourth Annual Dream Drive, when 10 families in 10 cities across the country will receive $1,000 each worth of food and holiday gifts from Sam’s Club.

The event is hosted by Sam’s Club and Off the Field professional football players’ wives association for our Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family program. Our partners have been working incredibly hard to make these holiday dreams come true for these families, and we greatly appreciate their help!

We can’t wait to brighten the holidays for these families in need, and we’d like to share the experience with you.

Visit our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages next Thursday where you’ll get to see pictures of this exciting event and the 100 families who will be blessed by this year’s Dream Drive!

11 Comments on “Dream Drive will Make Dreams Come True for 100 Needy Families

  1. How do you sign up for these programs? I call our local Alliance Ohio salvation army and they always tell us they do not have funds. I just lost my job at the US Postal service and now me and my family are at risk at being homeless for Christmas. So please any information will help.

  2. I have been all over the website and all over the internet and cannot find out how to try and get my children listed for christmas tree or something. My husband has been out of work for over 18 months and my salary just makes the rent and some food. we really could use the help, but i cannot find out how to get it. i try to call over and over and all i get is recordings

  3. Hi John,
    We’re sorry that you’ve had difficulty getting assistance following the loss of your job. I will make our Eastern Territory aware of your comment so that someone may follow up and discuss this with you more.


  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for reaching out to us, and we apologize that it’s been difficult to find information. We’d like to be able to connect you with your local Salvation Army to talk more about opportunities for assistance. What city and state do you live in? With this information we can make the Salvation Army corp there aware of your situation and have someone get in touch with you.

    You can also find this information by typing in your zip code in the ‘Locations’ box on our website and giving them a call or visiting in person.

  5. I and my family lost our house and are homeless Thank god my husband is still got a job, and paying $250.00. Not much for food or gas $3.00 a gallon and Christmas around the corner Need help and it seems everyone is out of funds Hopefully I will get to the Dr. soon for my medication (C.O.P.D.) is my condition third stage going quickly worse so much stress looking for a place and no help or doors slammed in your face for becoming homeless.

  6. Pat,
    Have you reached out to your local Salvation Army corps? To find yours, you can refer to the instructions in my above responses to John and Cheryl. I’ve also sent you information to the email you provided.

  7. Dear Salvation Army and Volunteers:
    After reading some of the above, my heart goes to all in need this season. I am the father and grandfather of a family of five for whom needs help so badly that my son James, wont even smile. He was in an accident about a year ago-hit by a fully loaded steel hauler who ran a stop sign. Since then he can’t work and his insurance AAA decided not to pay him they say he can work his doctors say no! I can’t help him due to I am now on ssi from a small stroke five years ago. Our money also just covers our bills. We help him when we can but it’s not enough. His wife works part time and this is not enough. He said to me yesterday. ( Dad I don’t know what I am going to do with the house-Christmas when their is not enough money ? ) Anyone being a father knows how painful this is to hear. What to tell him?
    I pray each and every night for the Lord to bless him in some way to bring him out of his depression. He dose have law suits towards AAA and the trucking company. But any hope is so far off, if at all, he’s falling into that dreaded black hole.
    If there is anyone for whom may want to help James and his family for Christmas, please let me no. I know there are so many others in need too so if I have no responses i’ll understand.
    Thank you so very much and may the Lord bless each anh everyone.
    Rory R Jones James father

  8. Hi Rory, what city and state does your son live in? We can help him get in contact with his local Salvation Army corps.

  9. I relly wont to help people. . I have lots of ways I can help. I can do some work out of my home. but I would like to work from home. I have a sick housbound. I can to lots of work from home. .I do have lots of things I know I can do and help. will u let me know when I can start.

  10. how will know when I can start. I have to a lot of work from home. but I have wonted to do this kind of work for a very long time.plese let me know how and when I can start.

  11. I would like something that I can do some kind of work from home. from the net.

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