Help Us Fight Against Social Injustice with ‘The Daily Cup’

Are you dedicated to fighting against social injustice?

Then download The Salvation Army’s newest mobile app The Daily Cup to stay informed, get involved, and make a difference.

The Daily Cup provides the latest info on pressing issues like hunger, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, and human trafficking, along with the good news of how Salvation Army programs are serving these areas of need.

With the app you can even join our mission by donating to our cause, volunteering at your local Salvation Army, or sharing The Daily Cup with friends and family.

Help us fight against social injustice. Download the app today by visiting

Or got a camera phone? Scan  our custom QR Code for another easy way to download.

3 Comments on “Help Us Fight Against Social Injustice with ‘The Daily Cup’

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  3. Support the fight against social injustice (TFASIJ).

    The cause is preserver Ms. Verlena Sexton-Walker’s Seventh (7th) and the Ninth (9th) Amendment Rights, which is the right to be heard, which is the right to self-defend, and which is the right to recover damages.

    I am sending your the link:

    Please send this link to others for their support in this cause to eradicate social injustice now and please publish this via your website.

    Stand to be Recognize!
    Stand to be Acknowledge!
    Stand for What is Right!
    Seek and Receive Eradication Now!

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