A Merry Amusement from Mr. Bean

We’re in holiday crunch time with only one day to go til Christmas! To help keep the holiday cheer alive, we’re sharing this  hilarious encounter by Mr. Bean with a  Salvation Army brass band. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “A Merry Amusement from Mr. Bean

  1. I was sick with the flu for most of the time between Thanksgiving, but yesterday it came to mind that when I was out I did not see the Salvation Army bell ringers at CVS, Krogers, or WalMart.

    I give money every time I see a kettle.

    Please email me a list of companies who banned you from their premises, so that I may write them and also buy my things elsewhere.

    Hee, hee! Is it wrong after that to say, “Merry Christmas?”

    Merry Christmas and thank you for brightening every Christmas with your bells and your reminder that giving is Christmas’ heart.

  2. Hi Brenda, we hope you had a merry Christmas and are feeling better! We have many national and local businesses who are very generous to allow our bellringers ring outside their stores, including several of those businesses you mentioned. You can find a very abbreviated list of some of our Red Kettle partners here: http://blog.salvationarmyusa.org/?p=4565. However, there are even more businesses who partner with us in different ways during the holidays and throughout the year to support our programs. We’ve discussed some of these initiatives, such as Target’s Back-to-School Sprees and JCPenney’s Online Angel Giving Tree, on our blog and website. The Salvation Army is extremely grateful for all forms of support we receive from so many businesses and organizations. We hope you’ll let them know you appreciate their dedication to giving back to the community through their support of TSA. You’ll be able to learn about some of our partnerships from previous blog posts and our website. Thanks!

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