I Resolve…to Not Resolve?

Are you one of the 33% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution this year? Or do you wonder why people even bother?

Some of this year’s top resolutions (which probably haven’t changed much since last year) are:

1.       Lose Weight/Get in Shape
2.       Quit Smoking/Drinking
3.       Spend More Time with Family & Friends
4.       Get out of Debt
5.       Find a Job/Get a Better Job
6.       Fall in Love
7.       Get a Better Education
8.       Help Others
9.       Go Green
10.   Get Organized

Helping others, volunteering, giving back – however you want to phrase it – appeared on most top ten lists.  Did it make yours?

At The Salvation Army, that’s probably our favorite resolution on the list. We LOVE that people want to make it more of a priority to give back to their communities!

However iVolunteer.org, an editorial website dedicated to helping people find volunteer opportunities, begs you NOT to make a resolution to volunteer more this year. Umm…what kind of volunteer website would do that?

Actually, it’s sort of semantics but they make an interesting point, especially for you resolution skeptics out there. iVolunteer argues that “resolutions” are easy to let fall by the wayside as soon as the freshness of the New Year wears off. Instead of attaching your good intention to a goal that takes a near-miracle to actually follow through with, make it something more meaningful. Make it a promise. Read their full explanation here.

As a sweet bonus, iVolunteer says making a “promise” to volunteer can actually be a means to accomplishing the other items on your resolutions list. Want to find a new career, get fit, or heat up your love life? Find out how volunteering may help, here.

Whether you resolve, promise, or vow, do you want to help others this year through opportunities with The Salvation Army? Find them here.

What do you think about all this? Leave us a comment with your resolutions or why you didn’t make any.