Homeless Man with the Golden Voice Inspires Other Homeless Citizens

By now you’ve all heard of the homeless man with the “golden radio voice,” Ted Williams.  In just a few days he’s gone from panhandling to becoming an internet sensation with prestigious job offers pouring in. (To view the YouTube video that started it all, click here.)

Ted’s amazing turn of events, not to mention his humble and charismatic personality, has inspired an instant and growing fan base. It’s easy to see why everyone loves him!

Interview with CBS’ The Early Show

Now Ted’s second chance at life is inspiring other gifted homeless people, including Salvation Army clients. In Minneapolis,  Stu and Laporsha are both talented and educated individuals who never expected to be homeless, but they have hope that they will be able to once again get back on their feet, just like Ted.

Fox 9 spoke with the two about how The Salvation Army is helping them pursue their own new beginnings:

It also begs the question, do people in general hold on to stereotypes that cause them to overlook or underestimate the homeless? Ted and these Salvation Army clients are college educated, have a range of work experience, and are uniquely talented. But how many people drove past Ted before someone was willing to just give him an opportunity? How many others like Ted are out there? Hopefully his story, and those of Stu and Laporsha, will help people look at the homeless in a different light.