Jan. 22: Live Webcast of General’s Retirement Salute

After 5 years of service as The Salvation Army’s international leaders, General Shaw Clifton and his wife Commissioner Helen Clifton are retiring! They’ve devoted the last 38 years of their lives serving as Salvation Army officers.

The High Council, a select group of Salvation Army officers who vote on the new General, will stream a live webcast of the ‘Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton’ meeting on Saturday, January 22nd.

The action starts at 16:00 GMT (4pm London time), which translates to 11:00 AM EST/10:00AM CST for those of us in the United States.

Visit www.salvationarmy.org/highcouncil where you can find links to the live webcast, as well as saved video of the entire program if you miss it the first time around.

P.S. – The Salvation Army’s High Council meets in London today to elect a new international leader who will take over for the Cliftons in April. Get updates by following them on Twitter @HighCouncil2011.