Photos: Brazil Mudslide Relief Efforts

Following the massive mid-January floods and landslides in Brazil, The Salvation Army continues to respond to need in affected communities. The Salvation Army of Brazil has posted photos to their Flickr account of damage and disaster relief efforts. We’ve included a few below to share with you a clearer picture of what challenges they face and some of the progress they’ve made. You can find the full album here.

Exército da Salvação, as printed on the worker's vest, is Portuguese for ' The Salvation Army.'

Damage and debris from Brazil's massive floods and mudslides.

Volunteers offload supplies and donations for distribution within affected communities.

Majors Edgar and Sara Chagas, Regional Supervisors for the state of Rio de Janeiro, meet with volunteers and Rotary Club members at a donation processing site.

Supplies, logistical support, and more than 10 tons of donations have gone out to key areas, as well as financial support from The Salvation Army’s World Services Offices (SAWSO), the international arm of The Salvation Army USA. Local Rotary Clubs, businesses, and churches in São Paulo and Sorocaba have also pitched in to assist with disaster relief efforts. It is expected it will take months for local communities to recuperate.

If you’d like to support The Salvation Army’s Brazilian mudslide appeal, please visit to make a donation.