NASCAR’S Morgan Shepherd Invites Kids To Tour Pit Row

Morgan Shepard and his #89 Salvation Army Daytona car

Less than 24 hours to go til race day at Daytona and The Salvation Army will be front and center, displayed on the hood of NASCAR driver Morgan Shepherd’s #89 car. (Haven’t heard about this yet? Get updated at our original blog post here.)

Rumor has it it’s already been nicknamed “The Salvation Army car” at the race!

Plus, two kids from our local Salvation Army programs, siblings Kevante’ and Dijonae, get to attend Saturday’s race as special guests of Morgan Shepherd. Racers are even planning to hold the race for a few minutes so Kevante’ and Dijonae can walk through the track and see the cars. It’s going to be an awesome experience!

Be sure to watch the race and cheer extra loud (even if you’re tuning in from your living room) for Morgan and his Salvation Army car.  Coverage starts at noon ET.

Check our blog next week for photos and updates about the event, including feedback from Kevante’ and Dijonae.

The Salvation Army wants to extend a huge THANK YOU to Morgan for “donating his hood” to us, and we also want to say CONGRATS! He was inducted into the  Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame this past Monday.

Good luck Saturday. We’re rooting for you!

For race updates on Saturday, follow Morgan Shepherd’s Team Member Dave Pack on Twitter @89Member.

2 Comments on “NASCAR’S Morgan Shepherd Invites Kids To Tour Pit Row

  1. Congratulation on the partnership you guys have forged with Morgan Shepherd and his #89 Nationwide race team. They have done an admirable job representing the “Army” this weekend. No matter the result you have picked a true winner. Good Luck too you both during tomorrow’s race!

  2. On behalf of Victory In Jesus Racing and Morgan Shepherd, We’d like to say thanks to The Salvation Army for allowing our team to represent them for Daytona and the upcoming season. We hope we can make a difference. I know we did for the four individuals from The Salvation Army who were in the pit-area during the race. Check us out at and we’ll see you all at Phoenix!

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