Salvation Army Responding After Destructive New Zealand Earthquake

The Salvation Army in New Zealand is responding after the city of Christchurch was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake today – the second in less than 6 months. At least 65 people are known to have been killed and hundreds are trapped in the debris.

By late afternoon The Salvation Army was assisting more than 1,000 people. Locals are  being temporarily housed in large marquees that were already on site for a flower show.

Major Rex Cross, emergency services coordinator for The Salvation Army in Christchurch, said that The Salvation Army was calling its emergency response teams together but travel across the city was extremely difficult. Food supplies for approx. 1,500 people were also being organized.

Some Salvation Army buildings are reported to have been damaged by the quake.

This disaster comes as a significant blow, especially as the shock of September’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake is so fresh and reconstruction from that event has not even finished.

The Salvation Army New Zealand has launched a Canterbury Earthquake Appeal in order to swiftly respond to the area’s humanitarian need. If you’d like to support The Salvation Army’s relief efforts, click HERE to donate.

Read The Salvation Army’s full earthquake report here.

3 Comments on “Salvation Army Responding After Destructive New Zealand Earthquake

  1. i want to donate money but more then that my partner and i have 2 spare double beds and ive heard that people that want to get out of christchurch for a while or visitors for overseas may need places to stay,we are more than willing to help there as well, until such time that my partners family who are from christchurch decide if they need to get out as well.
    ok we are along way from christchurch infact we are from south taranaki,but i can pick anyone who needs a bed up from the new plymouth airport.
    wanting to help anyway i can.
    our home phone number is(06)2781054
    please if anyone needs our help,please contact us at the above phone number,please.

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