Energy Company Joins in Fight to Empower Those in Need

The national average cost of gas is $3.189/ gallon. (Ouch.)

This is expected to increase in the near future. (Double ouch.)

There’s also talk of the cost of food, clothes, and services increasing as a result. (Enough already!)

Finances are tight enough, and now there’s news that they’re going to get even tighter. For the many low income Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet, how do they not get swallowed by financial burdens, especially if they’re already behind?

I was excited to hear about a partnership between Consumers Energy and The Salvation Army’s Western Michigan & Northern Indiana Division that will empower low income clients to take control of their finances and regain household stability, starting with their energy bills.

Consumers Energy donates $1 million to The Salvation Army. Photo: Harry Sabourin, Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy has donated $1 million to start a pilot program with the Army to help those who are behind on their utility accounts. With this funding the Army will hire several case managers to basically create an attack plan against their debt. The case managers will work with people in need by 1.) thoroughly reviewing their household budgets  2.) setting financial goals and 3.) equipping them to better manage their finances overall and in turn effectively maintain their utility accounts.

It’s a great start to helping people escape the cycle of recurring need. Just tackling one small area of debt goes a long way in empowering people to take control in other areas of their finances.

This Salvation Army Division already serves 20,000 clients a year who are unable to pay their utility balance, so we’re grateful for Consumer Energy’s partnership in seeing significant need and helping us do something about it.

To read more about the pilot program, click here.

2 Comments on “Energy Company Joins in Fight to Empower Those in Need

  1. Thanks for the mention of this. We are very excited about this new program and the impact it will have.

  2. Although I commend Consumers Energy for their charitable work would it not be prurient to simply reduce the cost of gas across the country and to concentrate on creating more sustainable energy sources such as biofuel. This could lead to free energy for everyone within the space of a few decades if taken seriously

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