How To Support Japan Relief Efforts

For those of you wanting to help The Salvation Army’s earthquake relief work in Japan, you can support our efforts in several ways. 100% of your funds will be sent  to The Salvation Army in Japan for their disaster response efforts.

  • Donate online at
  • Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Text the words “Japan” or “Quake” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. (Please ensure that you respond “YES” to the Thank You message you receive or else your donation will not go through.)
  • By mail: Send your check, marked “Japan earthquake relief” to

The Salvation Army World Service Office
International Relief Fund
PO Box 630728
Baltimore, MD 21263-0728

Monetary funds offer great flexibility and enable local disaster responders to purchase exactly what is needed as close to the disaster zone as possible.

*Many of you have asked about volunteer opportunities to assist relief efforts in Japan. At this time, The Salvation Army is not in need of volunteers. We will be sure to post an update to our blog if this changes.*

Thank you for generous support and continuous prayers for those in Japan. To learn more about our relief efforts, click here.


At this time, The Salvation Army is not accepting in-kind donations from the general public.  It is extremely difficult and expensive to ship in-kind donations overseas from the US to Japan. It is more efficient for disaster relief agencies to purchase needed resources locally and for immediate distribution with the disaster area. The best way for U.S. donors to help Japanese disaster survivors is to make a cash donation. Please note that your local The Salvation Army continues to accept donations of used clothing, furniture and other items to support local programming. Please consider donating your used items to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

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  2. Thank you for your efforts. We will be praying for your team.

  3. so how do we donate cash so that it can be directed to the Japan relief effort?

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  5. This website should list a snail mail address where people can send checks.

    A lot of us don’t text and we don’t like to give out our credit card numbers.

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  7. God bless!! I just donated. I hope I can help.

  8. I don’t have money to donate, but I would like to volunteer to physically help. Is this possible?

  9. I was wondering that how you guys will use the money. For example, which organization you will send the money to, how they use it, what they will buy with it, and etc. I need more specific information and details of the project because I hope all the money will go to the people who are in the area. Also, I want to recommend this website to all my friends and spread this website by using Japanese SNS website, Twitter, and Facebook. I know there are many people who want to make donations but they don’t know which organization is the best one and where the money goes to. So I would like to make sure that part.

  10. Where can I find information about groups traveling to assist efforts in Japan?

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  12. I hope you don’t mind that I copied you post and published it on my blog. thank you Salvation Army for your love for Jesus, it shows by your actions.

  13. i understand that shipping any donated items can be costly, but there has got to be a way we, the lower class who have items we can donate to the victims of the japan quake, can do so. there has got to be a way to get companies to pitch in and remove their shipping costs.

  14. Hi Aya, Thank you for your questions. ALL of your funds will go to The Salvation Army in Japan toward their relief efforts. We have been present and working in Japan since 1895 and operate more than 80 centers there. We have nearly 200 officers, 3,000 members and just under 1,000 employees already at work in Japan.

    They are currently caring for immediate needs now, such as providing food, drinks, shelter and spiritual/emotional care. They are still assessing the level of damage, so we do not have specific information yet on what type of projects and services they will need to implement in the long term. You can stay updated through our blog, website, and social media sites for more information. Thank you for your support!

  15. Alicia and William,
    The Salvation Army is not currently in need of volunteers to travel to Japan. If this changes, we will certainly make that information available over our blog and social media sites. Thank you for your desire to be involved!

  16. Susan,

    Thank you for wanting to support relief efforts. You can mail your check, marked “Japan Relief Fund,” to:

    The Salvation Army World Service Office
    International Relief Fund
    PO Box 630728
    Baltimore, MD 21263-0728

    Hope this helps!

  17. Thanks so much for all you do for people in trouble throughout the world. God bless the good people and the great nation of Japan.

  18. How can I volunteer to go to Japan and help on the ground?

  19. I’ve been following the events and writing about it on my blog so my readers can be in prayer. I haven’t stopped loving Japan since I was stationed there in the late ’90′s. I pray that God will rescue them, not just from the tsunami, but from sin. I will subscribe to this blog now and thank you for the information.

  20. Hello my name is Octavia Thompson and i know that you have heard about the earthquake in Japan

    I live a few miles from Sendai and i would like to start a water bottles drive at my school (Johnson&Wales University in Denver campus) to help out Sendai, Japan

    im writing to you beacuse i need all the help i can get to find out where i can send my donation too

    so it can get to japan safe and sound

    thank you very much

    for your time

    Octavia Thomspon

  21. The one question in my mind is how much of every dollar is going to go DIRECTLY to the aid of the victims?

  22. Hi Laura,
    I understand both the Salvation Army and Red Cross are not currently sending volunteers to Japan at this time, but do you know of any other organizations that are?

  23. The Salvation Army shinned during Katrina while The Red Cross dropped the ball.

  24. Do you need volunteers for the relief effort in Japan as well?

  25. To my fellow Americans:

    They are asking for $10, I just sent $50. I hope you can find it in your hearts to help these poor people out. They have been devastated.

    Thank God we are comfortable in our homes. They have no food, water, or heat and are under threat of radioactive fallout from their power plants. Over 10,000 are dead already.

    Please dig deep and help. It could happen to us anytime.

  26. I am sending my check out tomorrow via USPS.Thanks, SA for posting the address. I do donate monthly to our local SA, by the way.

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  28. Thank you for making so great and kind job, for making Earth people to come together and see that we are not alone in this World, God blesses!!! We are praying for Japan friends and those others who stays there for working, traveling we pray for your families!!! God with you! We are trying to text to 80888, but there is a problem, messages failing, do it need to use any code before 80888?

  29. I just tried to text for the 10 dollar donation and it said “Unfortunately your dontation to Salvation Army has failed”.

    Thank you for the good work you do – I’ll donate online, but you should know that this is failing, at least at the time of this post.

  30. Chris, thank you for making us aware of this. I’ll be sure to let the appropriate people on staff know. And thank you for supporting our effort in other ways, even when the first try didn’t work. We appreciate your generosity towards those in need!

  31. My Friends and I want to Donate cloth, water, and Can Food Extricly for Japan Were Do I Go Who do I give it to??

  32. Miguel,
    Thank you for wanting to donate items for those in need. Please read our above note in the blog post about “Gift-In-Kind” donations. We are not currently taking donations for physical supplies because they are extremely expensive and difficult to ship. Monetary donations are best so that relief teams may buy needed items in Japan. Thanks for your desire to help!

  33. I would like to donate / offer myself to physically help the peoples of Japan immediately. Whom can I talk to to know when and where to go so that my physical strength and my ability can be used for some good to these hurting people?

  34. Laura, is there any other way people can help besides sending money? I sent some and will send more next week when I get more, but it would be good to hear some recommendations coming from you guys as to what people can do as I’m sure there are many who want to do more or cannot send money. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and thank the Salvation Army for all you guys do to help people. You make the world a better place.

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  38. I just donated a few dollars (not much, since I am only a college student) to the Japan relief fund, and hope it goes there directly. I am glad we have the flexibility to donate however much we can, and not just at least $10! Thanks for all you do and God bless the people there. I was born in Japan so hopefully they will recover.

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  40. I just donated through the link above ( and it was super easy. Took only a couple minutes. The form is easy to fill out and mobile browser friendly.

    My friend in Aichi wrote the following in an email to me:
    “What’s disgusting though is the American Red Cross – I don’t know what your media is reporting but the American Red Cross is basically ignoring requests from the Japanese Red Cross for supplies.”

    So it seems The Salvation Army is much better than the American Red Cross. Also I think Global Giving is good. I made a donation through them too.

    Thank you, everybody who is donating! The sooner we help, the more lives we can save.

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  43. we americans and transplants would like to donate clothing directly to the sendai people. can you please adjust adapt and advise us were to that. not money, clothing, sleeping bags etc.

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  46. I want to contribute BUT i dont want to get on a sucker list.

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