Japan Earthquake Efforts

UPDATE: Want to support The Salvation Army’s response in Japan? Click here to learn how.

Following news of the massive earthquake and  tsunami in Japan, The Salvation Army in the USA is staying in contact with The Salvation Army in Japan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this unimaginable disaster.

Commissioner Makoto Yoshida of The Salvation Army in Japan described it as the largest earthquake in the last 100 years. He reported the most damaged city is Sendai, which is about 400 km away from Tokyo.

We’ve learned from him that they are sending a team to Sendai tonight and tomorrow will start providing basic necessities, as well as assessing the level of damages and what they can do.

In Tokyo, because the whole public transport shut down and stranded many commuters, The Salvation Army opened a section of their Territorial Headquarters building for those who could not get home. The Army served them hot drinks and meals.

We expect to have reports from The Salvation Army in Hawaii soon and will keep you updated as information comes in.

Background: The Salvation Army has been at work in Japan since 1895, operating more than 80 centers there, including two hospitals and four Children’s homes. The Salvation Army has nearly 200 officers, 3,000 members and just under 1,000 employees already at work in Japan.

38 Comments on “Japan Earthquake Efforts

  1. Are we able to designation donations for Japan earthquake relief?

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  3. Hi everybody, I’m a junior in highschool and I was wondering if as a school can we get donations such as clothes, water and other supplies and take them to the salvation army and then from there can they take them to Japan? I’m desperate to help them in anyway I can. And I would like to get as much information as possible so that when Spring Break is over I can talk to my principle. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Ashley, thank you for desire to help relief efforts. The best way you and your school can support Japan relief is through financial donations rather than physical supplies. This items are extremely expensive to ship, and it’s better for disaster teams in Japan to be able to buy items they know they need in the amounts they need. We explain more in our blog post here: http://blog.salvationarmyusa.org/?p=5642. We hope one of the support options we mention will work for you and your school. Again, thank you for wanting to be involved!

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  6. I read more of the comments. I am glad that their are more people on here trying to help. I read several negative post. I wish that I could house some of the people of Japan. I would be more than willing to take as many people as I could fit into my home. God Bless all of you for helping the people of Japan. God Bless all of the people in Japan. My heart hurts so badly for each and everyone of them.

  7. How much of my donation will ACTUALLY go towards the relief? Thank you.

  8. We should all do our part as people on “Earth”

  9. Can we mail our donation? If so where do we mail it so that it assist Japan? Thanks,

  10. Hi Sue, thank you for wanting to support relief efforts. You can mail your check, marked “Japan Relief Fund” to:

    The Salvation Army World Service Office
    International Relief Fund
    PO Box 630728
    Baltimore, MD 21263-0728

    Thank you for your support!

  11. Hi Bob, all of your donation will go to Japan relief efforts. Thank you for your concern and support!

  12. I would also like to know what percentage of our donations go to the actual relief effort. I’ve already donated, and plan to donate more, but I would also like to know that information. I didn’t donate to the Red Cross because they seem to spend their money on a lot of stupid things. You don’t have to post it here, just reply to my email address please.

  13. For all who can give please give, Japan needs our support in a time of crisis,

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  15. Hey I just donated by text. Should I get a reply back. If so I have not received anything.

  16. Thanks for the info on the Salvation Army World Service Office. I am mailing them a $50.00 check.

    My heart goes out to the people of Japan. They will recover from this disaster but it will take a long time.

  17. Just tried it again. This time put Quake and still nothing. This is what I am texting too 808-88. still no reply

  18. I don’t have much money that I am able to send, but I will send what I can. I wish that I could send something (like clothes, blankets, etc) but i read that sending those would be expensive and difficult.My heart goes out to the folks suffering so much.

  19. Hello,
    I am an italian living and working in China, and for me would be a short trip to go to Japan. I would like to help those people with my presence there, doing some job, but I cannot find out if there is some organization that arranges people to go there to provide physical help.
    Can you please let me know if you have some information on that?
    Thanks a lot in advance

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  21. Please tell me how much of my donatation goes to actually helping the victims of Japan. I’ve heard your the best to donate to, but I want some kind of verification that my money is actually going to the victims. You can email me if you like.

  22. I am wondering if there is anywhere I can find ways to volunteer my time and labor to help either organize donations to send over to Japan, or to go myself to help with the disaster relief.

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  24. Carolyn, 100% of your donation to The Salvation Army World Services Office will be sent directly to The Salvation Army in Japan for their disaster relief efforts. Thanks for your support!

  25. Regarding Volunteer Opportunities:
    Many of you have written in asking about opportunities to provide volunteer assistance in Japan. At this time, The Salvation Army is not recruiting volunteers, and unfortunately, I personally have not heard of any other organizations searching for volunteers either. Thank you for your sincere desire to help during this time of disaster. If we do have an update on this issue, we will be sure to let you know. For now, the best way to assist relief efforts is through financial support.

  26. My heart is in pain for the victims of the earthquake. But at the same time, I feel much joy inside as I observe the devotion and kindness of strangers ready and willing to help their fellowmen. Some of them don’t even have a job. God bless America!

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  28. what if we want to open up our homes to those in need? food, clothing, shelter at no cost.

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  31. We have 1000 pairs of jeans -
    how can we get them shipped and distributed to the less fortunate in Japan

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  33. Shoebiz in SF, 3810-24th is joining forces with TOMS shoes and Japan Earthquake Relief Fund to raise funds for the victims.
    Sat 03/26, 11AM-6PM, customized your TOMS shoes and Shoebiz will donate 2 prs for each customized TOMS to Japan Relief Funds. http://www.shoebizsf.com
    Come out and help us raise money and shoes for homeless children in Japan.

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