Get Creative with Japan Relief Fundraising

5th grader Shane Turner is using his talents to raise money for Japan relief. Photo by Michael Mustacchi

Since Japan was struck by disaster just over a week ago, the immediate reaction of so many Americans was, “What can I do to help?” I’ve been wonderfully overwhelmed by responses from blog readers like you, leaving comments and asking questions about how you can show your support.

When people work hard to use their talents and good ideas for the purpose of disaster fundraising, amazing things result. On The Salvation Army Western Territory’s Expect Change blog, they’ve shared some creative efforts going on right now in the San Francisco Bay Area of California!

One involves an 11 year-old piano and singing prodigy Shane Tuner. Another is a local radio station’s “Bid on Britney for Japan Relief” auction – and yes, they do mean Britney Spears.

Find the full story on the Expect Change blog about how some compassionate, creative people are using every opportunity to support Japan.

Special thanks to Kathy Lovin and Laine Hendricks for sharing this!