Salvation Army Board Member Finds Herself in the Middle of Japan’s Quake

Photo: Donna Britt,

Donna Britt is a Salvation Army Advisory Board member and news anchor with WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was traveling with her family in Tokyo when the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.

The way her story unfolds is no less than eerie. While they were visiting the Science and Technology Museum the day before, a volunteer showed her husband an earthquake sensor exhibit with real-time readouts indicating recent tremors.

It was the next day when Donna’s family was on their way to a Natural Disaster Museum to experience their “earthquake simulator” when they found themselves in the middle of the real thing!

Now safely back home in the United States, she’s written an account of the event and shared it under her bio at news station WAFB’s site. You can read her complete story of the events here:

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Tren”, she said, motioning above her head that the subway train may have rattled us.  But immediately the shuddering intensified and I felt one of my feet rise, independent of the other…then my second foot rose right after it.  THE TILE FLOOR WAS RIPPLING.  Disconcerted, I placed my hand on the tile wall to steady myself when the wall rippled.  I looked and the tile was moving with ridges like waves passing over it.

…for that one split-second, my mind said “the last place you want to be in an earthquake is UNDERGROUND”.

3 Comments on “Salvation Army Board Member Finds Herself in the Middle of Japan’s Quake

  1. so did the SAME GOD bring the quake to Japan and HE killed 25,000
    people? how do you explain that Mrs Britt? Db asks from Taiwan

    great story you wroet about quake in TOKYO, i lived there fifve years,
    now in taiwan..but i don’t GET how you can use God to give YOU luck
    and give 25 K people DEATH?

    explain to this dummy please

    DANNY, tufts 1971

    Mark and I have slowly realized how extraordinarily lucky we
    were in this whole ordeal. To see a bus with Nippori on it, to
    pre-board the plane by Internet and thereby assure going home – those
    were two miracles …**God’s hand or extremely good luck. Whatever it
    was I am thankful. And my heart aches for the Japanese people we left

  2. and a second qusetion to all the SA people out there. are you really giving money to the Japanese or you using this diasaster to push a fake Jesus on an unsuspecting people recovering frm a major trauam. I lived in Japan and saw how you used their New Year DAY to push your fake religion on the Japanese people. Shame on you for your arrogant attitideus to life and presume that Jesus is the only savior on earth, you are wrong. Shame on you all! You give AMerica a bad name!

  3. With its Christian heritage and motivation, The Salvation Army continues its unique service to all people in the name of Christ.

    SEE? you do all this not because you care about the Japanese people or are concerned about them post qauke this is all about recuriting people for CHRIST…shame on you allm, you unAmerican missionaries!

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