We Had a Blast in Fontana!

As promised, we have photos from the NASCAR race in Fontana, CA. This time Emmanuel and Martiza,  kids from The Salvation Army’s Ontario corps, were VIP guests of driver Morgan Shepherd and his Victory in Jesus racing team. They got up close and personal with The Salvation Army car (#55 this week) and even met other NASCAR drivers!

Keep an eye out for future updates. Since everyone had such a great time in Daytona and Fontana, Morgan Shepherd has invited The Salvation Army to his race April 16 in Talladega, AL.  We’ll see you on the track!

Emmanuel and Martiza get a first-hand look at Morgan Shepherd's #89 race car.

Envoy Abelardo Tamez points to the defining feature of The Salvation Army race - our Red Shield and promise of "Doing the Most Good."

Emmanuel and Martiza pose with #55 Salvation Army car driver Brett Rowe, teammate to #89 driver Morgan Shepherd.

That's an awesome car!