Inspired by a Volunteer’s Joyful Service

The Salvation Army of  St. Petersburg, FL will be hosting their annual Volunteer Recognition event today. Among those they are honoring, volunteer Mark Tillery stands out.

Mark began his volunteer service at The Salvation Army’s center, called “The Café,” in January 2010 and comes in four mornings every week. Each morning he makes coffee, serves drinks and snacks, and cleans.  He gets to know The Salvation Army’s patrons, providing opportunities to listen to, encourage and support them. Most importantly, he treats everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect and works as a strong team member.

Mark’s inspiring attitude has left a lasting impression on those around him. Lt. Teddy Beshah, the Salvation Army officer who nominated Mark for the volunteer award, said,

“You know Mr. Mark more than anyone in the Café.  I have found him to be a man of God and a wonderful person.  Seeing him on his knees cleaning the restrooms and the joy he has while helping the poor has taught me in a deeper way.  Most of all, he is doing all this with only one motive:  to see the people be happy.  I have no words to explain how great the work is he does for our guests at the Café.  I pray and hope I will be as he is in my officership!”

We are very fortunate to have Mark serving with The Salvation Army! We hope today’s Volunteer Recognition event will show him just how much he means to us and those he serves.