Easter Activities and a Holiday Message

As the holiday weekend approaches, The Salvation Army wishes you a very happy Easter!

Many of our local units will be celebrating with special Easter worship services, so please contact your neighborhood Salvation Army if you’re interested in attending. Several offices are also looking for volunteer assistance and food donations for Easter events and outreach, so there are many opportunities for you to be involved.

In anticipation of Good Friday, we are sharing an Easter message from The Salvation Army’s new International Leader, General Linda Bond. To read the full message, click here.

General Linda Bond speaks at her welcome meeting Sunday, April 17 in London.

Easter Message 2011
by General Linda Bond

Time changes one’s perspective, does it not? That is so for me and perhaps for many of you when you reflect on the Easter story. Maybe it has to do with our life experiences which make us see things differently. Or maybe the gracious way the Lord has dealt with us has taught us to read the Scriptures differently. Whatever the cause, the account of Thomas’s reaction on hearing that Jesus was risen illustrates this point for me…Continue Reading

2 Comments on “Easter Activities and a Holiday Message

  1. I am amazed that we as “Christians” are so beguiled as to not recognize God’s Sabbaths and 7 required Called-Out Assemblies – Passover, Unleavened Bread, FirstFruits, Shabua, Trumpets, Reconciliations, and Tabernacles – on their appointed dates. We replace His Assemblies with our paganized “Good Friday”, “Easter”, “Thanksgiving”, “Christmas”, and “Sunday worship”. What are we thinking? “Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Torah . . .”

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