How to Be A Do-Gooder

If a tiger and moose can help The Salvation Army "Do the Most Good" for their communities, what can you do?

As we celebrate National Salvation Army Week across the country, Detroit has made the annual tradition their own through their  “Doing the Most Good” Week. Though the campaign is unique to the city, their tips are applicable to any and all social-minded Samaritans.

DMG Week encourages past, present and future do-gooders to do something positive for their community. It’s as simple as opening a door for someone or as involved as hosting a food drive. The bottom line is there’s always an opportunity to help others and serve the disadvantaged.

We’ve listed several ideas offered by The Salvation Army Detroit to help you get started in “Doing the Most Good” wherever you live. And while you’re at it, let us know how you’re having a positive impact! Tell The Salvation Army Michigan on their Facebook wall or @Salmich on Twitter, or share on our national Salvation Army USA Facebook page and @SalvationArmyUS on Twitter.


  • When you buy in bulk, share your surplus by dropping off any non-perishable food item to your local Salvation Army.
  • Bring flowers to work and share them with your coworkers.
  • Volunteer to be a tutor in a Salvation Army after-school program.
  • Join The Salvation Army in their visits to sing to seniors and residents of nursing homes.
  • Offer a couple of hours of baby-sitting service to friends and family.
  • Have a Salvation Army Doing the Most Good Day at work, with employees bringing nonperishable food and toys to donate to the charity.
  • Pay a compliment to someone at least once a day.
  • “Dial a smile” and call or visit a housebound person or older relative.
  • Say something nice to everyone you meet.
  • Volunteer at your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center.
  • Give the gift of your smile to everyone you meet.
  • Do the WRITE thing by sending a few kind words and a cookie or two to our soldiers overseas, especially on May 21, 2011, which is Armed Forces Day.
  • Tell your husband/wife or children why you love them.
  • Give your stuff a second life by donating old clothes to The Salvation Army Family and Thrift Stores.
  • Tell your coworkers that you think they’re doing a good job.
  • Give toys to children at a Salvation Army shelter.
  • For one week, act on every single thought of generosity that comes in your heart. Notice what happens.
  • Get an A for effort by helping The Salvation Army’s after-school programs. By donating as little as $25, you’re helping a child attend an after-school program at one of The Salvation Army’s Corps Community Centers.
  • Relinquish a parking spot to someone at the mall.
  • Say thank you.
  • While in a restaurant, pay for the meals at another table. Instruct the waitress to give you that table’s check, quietly without notice.
  • Cut someone’s grass or weed or plant flowers in someone’s garden.
  • Drop off a bag of groceries on someone’s doorstep.
  • Go to a nursing home and bring an anonymous bouquet of flowers
  • Put quarters in expired or about-to-be-expired parking meters.

Have more ideas? Share them with us by leaving a comment.